Scorpios Beach

The naturally secluded setting and its uninterrupted sea views make this one of the most unique beach locations on Mykonos and the perfect place for a beach day with friends, or moments of silent contemplation. 

Calm and privacy reign until the Sunset Rituals begin, from 17:30 daily, igniting the nocturnal vibes of Scorpios Beach.

Scorpios Mykonos Reservation notes

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Oasis Beach & Slope Beach
The Slope Beach overlooks the Aegean Sea and Oasis Beach offers a partial sea view.
Daily rental fee for one cabana is 160€.
Additional sunbeds can be provided for the cabanas at 40€ per person, to accommodate larger parties.

Private Beach
The Private Beach is located at sea level, in front of the waterline and looking out over the Aegean Sea.
Daily rental fee for one cabana is 180€.
Additional sunbeds are available for the cabanas at 50€ per person, to accommodate larger parties.

Please note:
One cabana can accommodate up to 4 guests.
We do not reserve individual sunbeds independently.
Arrival and booking time slots for beach reservations are between 11:00 am and 13:00.
The beach service finishes at 19:00.