With Ape Chimba Feat El Suchi & Dídac (Live)

Date 30. August. 2023

Time 5:30 - 1:00 am

Place mykonos

Space Restaurant

Type Music

Access With reservation

A trip between the sacred and the ecstatic, blending primal, mesmerising vocals with reflective electro-organic instrumentation and turntable virtuosity. Ape Chimba enlists El Suchi and Dídac in an expansive ritual to celebrate this August’s Blue Supermoon.

Scorpios’ Full Moon Rituals are intended to reawaken our senses, foster emotional journeys through music, and align the high frequency of our festive gatherings with Nature’s rhythm.

The Supermoon phenomenon occurs when the full moon's orbit brings it closest to Earth during its path around our planet. At this closest point the moon appears larger and brighter than usual, its gravitational effects on the tides respectively more powerful. Few artists could channel this energy as well as multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Ape Chimba whose mystical voice resonates across borders and time and whose songs unfailingly blend the primal with the transcendental.

Ape Chimba

Ape Chimba channels the realm between music and shamanic ritual, creating electro-organic incantations that incite reflective, moving experiences. His influences are as eclectic as they are far-reaching, drawing elements from flamenco, psychedelic trance, African beats and indigenous folk songs. Primal vocals soar over mellow electronics and the healing frequencies of ancestral instruments, defying genre boundaries and forging a new path into 'Mas Allá' — the beyond.