With Jean Claude Ades, Lannka, Paax(Tulum), Derun, Ulises

Date 05. September. 2023

Time 5:30 - 1:00 am

Place mykonos

Space Restaurant

Type Music Label

Access With reservation

A showcase of the immensurable talent on the Scorpios label, with Jean Claude Ades, Lannka, PAAX (Tulum), Derun, and Ulises stepping up to give the dancefloor something to move to. Expect much-loved Scorpios Music releases and some thusfar-unheard material.

Dive into the sonic depths and imaginaries of Scorpios Music — carefully curated as a journey between cultures, our label puts out music that aims to connect, uplift and test the limits of innovation, while revering cultural traditions from around the globe.