Valeron & Band (Live)

Date 09. September. 2023

Time 5:30 - 1:00 am

Place mykonos

Space Restaurant

Type Music

Access With reservation

The electronic beats of today’s Mykonos meet traditional Greek instruments such as the satur, Cretan lyra, clarinet and bouzouki as Valeron and his band take us on a musical jaunt across eras and genres both well-trodden and uncharted.

The band formed in 2016 when Valeron embarked on an exploration of the interplay between Greek instruments and deep house elements for his first album. A spark was ignited that quickly propelled Valeron into music stardom on the contemporary Greek scene. The tantalizing chemistry of the band’s live performances leaves the audience breathless.

Our musical chemistry is like a secret language. It’s common for us all to be in our individual flow states together, simultaneously concentrating on our own input and the output of the others, almost reading one another’s minds.


A well-versed hand that has helped shape Mykonos’s electronic music scene, Valeron is one of the brightest, most recognised figures of the local music scene, known for weaving traditional Greek instrumentation with pulsating electronic rhythms. A restless explorer of new sounds with a deft approach to production, Valeron can always be relied on to bring people together and imbue them with positive energy. Those who know, know.

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