About the Release

Expectations and preconceptions were all dashed into a haze the moment Holed Coin started working on The Ancient New — the band’s first E.P. on Scorpios Music — with total creative freedom for each musician being a leading principle in its production. While this posed a fun challenge, it also pushed the intrinsic value of self-expression to the forefront.

The result is abundant in its hues, with beach-ready electronica jostling with bluesy and soulful tones and the occasional soupçon of gospel. This comes courtesy of an all-analogue assemblage of instruments, with Miguelo Delgado’s guitars and María García’s cello and vocals in particular seeming to pull the music in and out of various dreamlike states on a whim.

A creation for creativity’s sake, The Ancient New compels the listener to dance individualistically, think pluralistically, and simply be.