About the Release

Ulises squints at the horizon: “It is a mystery why we imagine what we imagine.” Between traversing the global DJ circuit and long laser-focused studio sessions in his chosen home of Berlin, Ulises casts his eye to Earth itself as he scours for a metaphor for his own philosophical uncertainties.

Dreamy pianos that sound as if they’re being played behind a waterfall, digital bongos, shiny broken drums, and trombone from César B (the pair met on a rooftop and shortly thereafter recorded the parts for Mirage) all conjure images of a desolate desert blistering from the sun’s heat to the befuddlement of onlookers, while lyrics waver on the line between elucidation and ambiguity. Subjectivist, sometimes subdued, and always fiddling at the fabric between the real and the imagined, the Too Far, Mirage E.P. is Ulises’ homage to unsolved mysteries and finding comfort in the not-knowing.