A Sharing Culture

This is definitely not your Greek grandmother’s kitchen — the culinary team is not pedantic about sticking to local produce and culinary heritage. The mixture of ingredients in the Scorpios kitchen is rebellious and contemporary, informed by travel and playfulness. Yet there is one core cultural concept which is fundamental: that of hospitality, generosity and sharing.

Philoxenia (or hospitality) is integral to Greek food culture; food is meant to be shared in good company around a full table. Here, eating is just as much about the social aspect as about sustenance itself. For Scorpios’ executive chef, Alexis Zopas, that link is integral. “Food is directly connected to our memories,” he says. For him, his path to becoming a chef started at home with his mother.

The whole nature of a Greek meal differs compared to a northern European culinary experience. Each dish is invested with time, care, slowness and generosity — the same principles that go into enjoying them. These are time-honored Greek family traditions that have a permanent home in the Scorpios kitchen. Meze starters and large feasting platters are geared towards trying a little bit of everything, versus sticking with one individual portion. It’s difficult to stay strangers for long, if you’re breaking bread with new companions and heartily digging into a shared feast. To Zopas, that’s what making new memories is all about.