Set the Scene

Events gain potency when they are supported by their surroundings. After all, it’s difficult to imagine our music rituals happening anywhere other than at Scorpios, backdropped by the sun setting over the Aegean.

“The venue is everything in a gathering. It’s the beautiful backdrop to every moment, it is the foundation. It has your wow factor and it sets the tone for feeling good in that space,” says Tobias Tanner, the founder of Valise, a private members association. His intuitive understanding for the potential of group experiences was honed over years of hosting creative salons with thought leaders and creatives in Berlin, Paris, New York, and London.

In your own space, be mindful of the perimeters in order to prevent energy from seeping out, as this can shift the attendees’ mindset. Having designated spaces for different aspects of a gathering will help people remember moments better.