And the Where The Earth Meets The Sky E.P. came out quite soon after that…

Yes. I felt like I had started a journey with my first E.P. so Where The Earth Meets The Sky was a natural next step, moving with my own creative momentum. Music is the best vehicle for a road trip to the soul, and I was already on the journey. Without being curious, we don’t discover new things anymore. With our music, we try to awaken the inner child, with its endless energy, always eager to try new things and learn about the world we live in.

When you listen to music, do you try to listen intently, or do you have it playing “in the background” as you do something else?

As a producer, it is impossible for me not to pay full attention to the music that is being played around me. I am always analyzing what is happening technically and what emotions it is creating. I can’t concentrate on any conversation as soon as music is playing. It's a blessing and a curse.

Have you ever been musically inspired by a taste, smell, or feeling?

Oh absolutely. To me, it is a 360-degree lifestyle. Everything I do harmonizes with everything else. I choose my perfume for the day depending on what type of music I want to make in the studio, even though no one else is with me in the studio — it’s just for me and the moment I want to be in. Same goes for what and how I eat or dress. It can be anything from being naked to a three-piece bespoke tailored suit, just to help get myself into the vibe.