Is "good" music something cerebral or visceral?

When I listen to good music, my body wants to move. This means that ideologically and mentally, the music has touched my soul in a visceral way. The technical, cerebral side of me listens out for whether or not something is solidly mixed and mastered. But I am biased because I’m a musician. For non-musicians, perhaps “good” music is something only visceral.

Does that also change depending on its context in time and place?

I believe that everything happens when it’s meant to happen. I also create music in the same way. It all comes down to how and what the listener will feel in the end. In terms of how what’s considered “good” changes with the times, there’s a slightly more complex answer: perhaps the cerebral decides on what’s “good” or not depending on how the creator has used the technology available to them at the time to the best of their ability.