How do you listen to music?

I listen intently, even if it’s on in the background as I do something else. Sometimes though, I’ll be having a dialogue with somebody, but I won't remember much of what was said. It's just that my mind will be busy analyzing every sound in the song I'm listening to. On the other hand, when I paint, it is mandatory to have music in the background — often a completely different genre.

Do you think that the technology with which we listen to music encourages us to consume music differently?

I feel that the way we listen to music has evolved along with technological progress. What I like about Spotify is that they made the music not be divided into genres, but into moods. I think that gives us a lot of freedom, as well as the fact that nowadays it is very easy to produce and publish your own music. 

Do you think music changes the way we remember?

Every person I meet in my life, I remember with a specific song or an artist. ■