When you listen to music, do you try to listen intently or do you have it playing in the background as you do something else?

I do both. I like to play music that I don't know while I am doing something else, because I am not judging in any way, and it just goes through me. But when there is something good or interesting, it seems that it pulls some special string within me, which lights up a “Pay Attention” sign.

Have you ever been musically inspired by a taste, smell, or feeling?

Yes, many things can evoke music in me. Especially the smell of Berlin in June.‍‍

Do you think that music has the ability to play with our emotions?

Yes. Music enhances life and by triggering certain emotions and releasing powerful energy. It is very easy to observe. Just look at people dancing at a festival, how they lose themselves. Unless everybody is faking it, some kind of magic is happening within their bodies. Technically and medically speaking, I am sure it is quite a complex system, with a lot of relationships that we have not yet discovered.