Sound waves are simply vibrations. In the human body, all the fluids in our cells, the tissues in our muscles, every molecule in our organs, vibrate continuously. Energy is a naturally vibrating substance, therefore, what holds our bodies together could be seen as purely sound. Do you understand the power you have over your listener and do you think there's a responsibility to use that power for a certain cause?

There is a book by Tarkovsky about cinema called Sculpting in Time. I could dare to transpose this metaphor, and say that music is “Sculpting in Air”. Not a permanent and rigid sculpture, but a dynamic and ephemeral one. The very nature of sound — whether it is music or noise — drowns the listener into its movement. This quality has tremendous effect on beings, and I believe that to understand this is very central for the creator, the composer of any kind of music. So yes, I do understand the power of music, and I feel responsible in what I convey to an audience. ■