A veteran in the community, Ades runs his own label Be Crazy! and regularly headlines Ibiza destinations like Pacha, Heart, and Blue Marlin, as well as at his regular residencies at The Sunday at Scorpios Mykonos. Reaching the top of his industry’s totem pole has given him a bird’s eye view of electronic music’s waxes and wanes in the mainstream consciousness. “In the ‘90s, it was primarily associated with underground rave culture and was often seen as niche or alternative,” he says. “Today, electronic music is a dominant force in the music industry.” Ades puts the genre’s endurance down to its fluidity. “It has diversified, integrated with pop music, and embraced technological advancements, resulting in a global phenomenon that continues to evolve and shape the music landscape.”

 Ades’ own evolution is powered by the same restless hunger for new sounds that first lit a fire in him back then. “A DJ set should take you on a journey,” he says, adding that his drive is to always foster a sense of discovery. If he surprises himself in the process, so much the better. “I’m very easily bored of music styles,” Ades says. “I’m always trying to get at something new.”