Though deeply religious, the Mykonians were remarkably unpuritanical, their rituals rooted in paganism. Under the influence of the Apollonian melodies and Dionysian revelries that reverberated on Delos, it’s not surprising that Mykonos developed a reputation for unbridled hedonism and bacchanalian nightlife. In the swinging sixties, while mini-skirts and marijuana were shunned on other Greek islands, on Mykonos you could wear miniskirts, hot pants, or nothing at all. A unisex tunic from Parthenis monochrome boutique and a handful of batik sarongs from Loukas ‘Mr Pareo’ Doukas (whose timeless wares are still on sale in Mykonos town) were all you needed at the full moon parties on the sandy beaches of Panormos, Agios Sostis, and Paranga.