Nixiwaka, what are your thoughts on AI being integrated with your artworks?

Chief Nixiwaka Yawanawá
I am very happy. I am a leader and politician, from the Amazon in Brazil. Forty years ago, I pledged my life to defend the rights of indigenous peoples and the Amazon rainforest. I have never seen a partnership in such a transparent, healthy, respectful way that values the ancestral knowledge of the original peoples, of the indigenous peoples.  I’m here today with Nawashahu’s drawings, together with my daughters Nawashahu and Mukashahu and we’re presenting this collaboration. This is an appreciation of ancestral knowledge. This strengthens us as indigenous peoples and will hopefully help indigenous peoples preserve our culture and maintain our traditions. Now that's true collaboration. I am very happy that these drawings, these songs from my people, come from the female world, from female empowerment, from my daughters. This makes me believe that my spiritual world is feminine, that this moment is the time of spirituality, it is the time of feminine leadership.