A Culinary Journey

The new multicultural culinary palette was partly inspired by the inward focus of the pandemic and a desire for something new. “The pandemic changed everyone — you start seeing yourself differently after all the introspection,” Zopas considers. “You’re thinking how to do things differently in the future because maybe what you were doing doesn’t work anymore in this new world. I think through that, we matured a little.”

This thoughtful evolution is evident in the quality of the food at Scorpios. The kitchen team absorbs global influences, juxtaposing varied flavors and culinary cultures. Freed from the farm-to-table narrative of recent food movements, the culinary director and chef together with their team, create a culinary experience that authentically aligns with the Scorpios ethos. On the menu, that influence comes through clearly; whether that's an unexpected combination of dorada with ají amarillo pepper, coriander and lime, or freshly caught octapus, barbecued and served with oregano-infused extra virgin olive oil. The menu is creative and curious about the world we live in, spicing up the rich culinary heritage of the local Mediterranean and Middle East with ingredients and cooking techniques from afar.