Which images do you connect to your music?
Open water, a sunny day, bravery and joy. We bring with us the scent of the open sea. Our skin has been burned by the sun and the morning chill has made our eyes red.


Can you give us three adjectives to describe your music.
Courageous. Unbound. Earthly.


How has your music journey evolved until now?
We never had any musical plans. We've always just allowed this process to flow. Taking a moment to step back and take note of this “flow”, we’ve realized a few things: it goes without saying that humans are naturally curious creatures, and it’s only natural that one’s environment makes an impression on one’s outlook. This applies to our musicality as well. We’ve travelled and picked up many influences, and also shared our music with many. However, the notion of home is something that’s also central to how we see ourselves, how we see the world, and how we create. Whenever we come back to Türkiye, it’s like a recalibration of the spirit — and by extension, our music.