About the Release

Foreigners to nowhere and putting more faith in destiny than musical planning, Derun create with a modus operandi that revolves purely around the idea of flow. Considering an instrument as a key to a language rather than a simple object, the Istanbul-based duo speak in many tongues — with the main protagonist on the Alto Mare being the guitar after witnessing LDRDO’s ability to tell stories, stir emotions, and move bodies without words. Throbbing beats give way to swelling melodic undercurrents and driving basslines, texturized by sound recordings from their perennial travels, Alto Mare is a visceral work created as a reaction to the outside world.

About the Artist


Derun don’t believe in time perception. Seeing music as an interpersonal journey, and a cosmic one, they aim for transformative combinations, big bang energy and molecular magic. The duo concentrate on sophisticated, multicultural electronica with a deep level of expressiveness and undefined layers. Universal song, atomic particles crashing together, an invitation to dance.