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A multifaceted prism for cross-cultural exchange and a platform for an ever-growing tribe of musicians and DJs, Scorpios Music seeks out sounds from the most unlikely of places and distributes immersive sonic experiences around the world. Associated artists are available to book below.

Jean Claude Ades

Jean Claude Ades has been a fixture on the global scene for the past two decades, elevating international stages and high-profile residencies with his unique, signature take on electronic music.

Lannka Scorpios Music


Lannka is founder of Bercana Music and music director of Scorpios Mykonos who is pushing the boundaries of electronic music not only towards the future but also towards the past.

paax tulum scorpios artist agency

Paax (Tulum)

Named after the Mayan expression “to craft music”, PAAX (German Wagener and Nicolas Damonte) hail from two small cities outside Buenos Aires in Argentina.

derun scorpios artist agency


Derun don’t believe in time perception. Seeing music as an interpersonal journey, and a cosmic one, they aim for transformative combinations, big bang energy and molecular magic.

Ghenwa Nemnom scorpios agency

Ghenwa Nemnom

A master of the Qanun, Ghenwa’s rich sound fuses traditional instrumentation with a plethora of contemporary rhythms.

little d scorpios music agency

Little D

With over 20 years in the industry Little D’s distinctive sound blends soul, jazz, ambient, analog synthesizers and interpretations of early minimalism into something totally new.

ulises scorpios artist agency


Music’s journey is infinite. Berlin-based Argentinian DJ and multi-instrumentalist Ulises eagerly prolongs his own musical journey and invites us all along for the ride.

Rey&Kjavik scorpios artist agency


Hailing from Offenbach in Germany, Alexander Schomann’s re-interpretations of electronic music and house elements, has seen him become a regular at clubs like Watergate and Scorpios as well as festivals like Burning Man and Fusion.

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Music is language spoken beyond borders. Galvanizing, forward-thinking artistry and immersive sonic experiences from our label, featuring Ulises, Adassiya, Lannka and many more. Check out the releases on Scorpios Music.