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Lannka is founder of Bercana Music and music director of Scorpios Mykonos who is pushing the boundaries of electronic music not only towards the future but also towards the past. Lannka fuses ancient melodies with electronic beats to create music that brings cultures together while taking listeners on a new journey. His music is engrained with worldly influences and reveals the passionate explorer that he embodies.

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Conceptually, Lannka’s Alhambra E.P. is an auditory transposition of the imagery of Spain’s Andalusia community and a self-assured stride on the pursuit of his own organic deep house aesthetic.

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Quiero Vivir

Through stories, songs, and poetry, cultural heritage is passed down and preserved. Literally translating to “I want to live”, Quiero Vivir is a testament to how music is a both a lifeline for cultures across time and a conduit through which personal identity and a sense of belonging is expressed. Inspired by nomadic musicians in the Balkan states who, finding themselves out of work after the dwindling Ottoman Empire had no more use for its military bands in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, started up their own bands to fuse elements of military music with local folk traditions. A collaborative release from Lannka and ARKADYAN, Quiero Vivir is a celebration of brass instruments such as trumpets, tubas, and saxophones, with electronic sounds and percussive embellishments from darbukas, djembes and congas.

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Scorpios Soundscapes

Scorpios Soundscapes is the first compilation vinyl from Scorpios Music, and a milestone for the label, with 12 tracks encapsulating the sound, and artists that have helped define the Mykonos experience. 

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