About the Release

Conceptually, Lannka’s Alhambra E.P. is an auditory transposition of the imagery of Spain’s Andalusia community and a self-assured stride on the pursuit of his own organic deep house aesthetic. With folkloric sounds and ancient rhythms taking inspiration from the mosques, minarets, fortresses, and flamenco traditions that signpost the region’s rich history of cultural exchange, the four-track E.P. is analogous of Lannka’s own musical identity: “Every trip is a transformation where I meet different artists from different cultures — all different people but all connected together somehow in my head.” Two such souls make appearances on the release: Satori’s title track mix draws from elements of the E.P.’s previous two tracks, “Daraxa” and “Mexuar”, to trance-inducing effect, while Derun’s remix of “Daraxa” brings a touch of contemporary Istanbul.

About the Artist


Lannka is founder of Bercana Music and music director of Scorpios Mykonos who is pushing the boundaries of electronic music not only towards the future but also towards the past. Lannka fuses ancient melodies with electronic beats to create music that brings cultures together while taking listeners on a new journey in the meantime.