Our contemporary agora for shared celebration set against the Cycladic sunset and the soulful beat of Scorpios
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The Source. The Sound. The Sunset

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Our spaces are designed for moments of festivity and mindfulness, each imbued with their own energetic potential. The rapture of dancing barefoot in the sand, the joy of deep conversations around a communal table, or the shared awe of an immersive live set — this is where it all happens.

Mykonos Spaces
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A Taste of Our Culture

Like our music, art, and wellbeing explorations, the kitchen at Scorpios thrives on breaking down borders and bringing people together.

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Timeless craftmanship and creativity

The Scorpios Bazaar celebrates artisanship through a handpicked selection of like-minded brands that share and honor core values of timeless craftsmanship, cultural heritage and sustainability.
Step inside the handwoven bedouin tent that is the current home of the Bazaar in Mykonos, and you’ll be immersed into a reverential, multi-sensory retail experience.

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Soho Roc House

A stone’s throw away from Scorpios, this Soho House members’ club and hotel is set on one of the most scenic stretches of the Mykonian coast. It is built with the same love of high aesthetics, nature and minimalistic design we share, and lures like-minded guests and members into embracing the island barefoot.


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