Scorpios Mykonos Spaces

The Source. The Sound. The Sunset

On a sun-drenched southern peninsula on Mykonos, the Scorpios experience flows seamlessly between several beaches, a gently weather-worn stone house, stages for daily sunset rituals, and ample open-air terraces spilling onto the Cycladic coastline, creating a holistic beach experience overlooking the Aegean.

scorpios mykonos restaurant


As the center stage of the Scorpios agora of social and cultural exchange, the restaurant is the ultimate place of gathering. With its large communal tables, interactive outdoor spaces, and sharing plates, this is the place for relaxed long lunches and alfresco dinners with friends and family. Here, food is perceived as a social act rather than simply an act of nourishment.

Service hours from 13:30 to 23:00.

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Set high above the beach and affording endless views over Paraga, Kavos lagoons, and into the vastness of the sea beyond, the Terrace at Scorpios is a place for summer imperatives and quality time. This space is an open invitation to all-day ease — contemplate the landscape, enjoy a chilled drink in the shade of the palm trees, and surrender to the soft grooves. 

The Terrace transitions into a higher-vibration gathering space during the evenings of our music rituals. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, resident artists and guest DJs play their upbeat live sets into the night.

Scorpios Mykonos Reservation notes

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Terrace reservations are only taken from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, and subject to availability. Due to the high demand, our team will evaluate your reservation request and get back to you as soon as possible. 

*Tables can accommodate up to 12 guests.

scorpios mykonos terrace

scorpios mykonos beach

Scorpios Beach

The naturally secluded setting and its uninterrupted sea views make this one of the most unique beach locations on Mykonos and the perfect place for a beach day with friends, or moments of silent contemplation. 

Calm and privacy reign until the Sunset Rituals begin, from 17:30 daily, igniting the nocturnal vibes of Scorpios Beach.

Scorpios Mykonos Reservation notes

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Oasis Beach & Slope Beach
The Slope Beach overlooks the Aegean Sea and Oasis Beach offers a partial sea view.
Daily rental fee for one cabana is 160€.
Additional sunbeds can be provided for the cabanas at 40€ per person, to accommodate larger parties.

Private Beach
The Private Beach is located at sea level, in front of the waterline and looking out over the Aegean Sea.
Daily rental fee for one cabana is 180€.
Additional sunbeds are available for the cabanas at 50€ per person, to accommodate larger parties.

Please note:
One cabana can accommodate up to 4 guests.
We do not reserve individual sunbeds independently.
Arrival and booking time slots for beach reservations are between 11:00 am and 13:00.
The beach service finishes at 19:00.

Sunset Beach

The perfect spot on the island from which to watch the sun disappear over the Aegean, Sunset Beach offers the kind of views and ambiance that will make you want to pause and celebrate the present moment. Immerse yourself in our bespoke Sunset Rituals, as they evolve into transportive musical journeys into the night, and end with barefoot dancing under the stars.

Scorpios Mykonos Reservation notes

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Our music rituals take place here on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Expect experimental live performances from 7:00 pm. Reservations are taken from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm.

For up to 2 guests, we offer a selection of wines and cocktails.

For 3 to 6 guests, regular-size bottles of choice are available.

For every 7 guests, a magnum bottle of choice is provided.

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scorpios mykonos reserve

The House

Inspired by the old Mykonian stone houses, the House pays homage to simplicity and the beauty of the imperfect, as well as traditional Greek craftsmanship. Its stone interior, natural materials and airy, open plans, allow the Mediterranean breeze, people and energy to flow in and out freely. This is a welcoming place that exudes ease and lightness, and calls for casual, holistic living.

The Bazaar

The Scorpios Bazaar celebrates artisanship through a handpicked selection of likeminded brands that share and honor core values of timeless craftsmanship, cultural heritage and sustainability. Fittingly set in a large bedouin tent to match the free and easy spirit of the Scorpios peninsula, the Mykonos Bazaar lures you in with its earthy colours and textures and unfolds a reverential retail experience centered around organic materials and the world’s ancient creative traditions.