aaroon scorpios music


Music as a road trip for the soul. Dj and producer Aaroon possesses a worldliness that manifests itself in his music with emotional breadth and stylistic diversity.

adassiya scorpios music


Born into music, Adassiya started singing the moment she could talk, releasing her first album as a vocalist at the precocious age of 14 and making waves across the French scene ever since.

arkadyan scorpios music


ARKADYAN have travelled the world to develop their style: a take on all types of tribal and ancestral music with modern instrumentation.

derun scorpios music label


Derun don’t believe in time perception. Seeing music as an interpersonal journey, and a cosmic one, they aim for transformative combinations, big bang energy and molecular magic.

kurup scorpios music


Like shadows creeping across a forest floor. Hailing from Brazil’s vast Cerrado region and now based in Porto, Portugal, Kurup’s weighty, downtempo tracks sound inexorable, mysterious and strangely alive.

Lannka Scorpios Music


Lannka is founder of Bercana Music and music director of Scorpios Mykonos who is pushing the boundaries of electronic music not only towards the future but also towards the past.


A skilful mix of infectious rhythms and captivating melodies have led Matizze to residencies, releases and a solidified position as a true tastemaker in the electronic music scene.

mom scorpios music


Whether it’s from the buzz of acid house, the depths of disco or the bounce of funk, MoM draws on a huge array of genres and cultures to stir dancefloors into a frenzy.

rey&kjavik-scorpios music


Rey&Kjavik is the alias of Alexander Schomann, DJ and Producer from Offenbach, Germany. His musical home embeds itself to House and Electronic Music landscapes: Organic, Tech and Deep House.

paax tulum scorpios artist agency

Paax (Tulum)

Named after the Mayan expression “to craft music”, PAAX (German Wagener and Nicolas Damonte) hail from two small cities outside Buenos Aires in Argentina.

diass scorpios music


Bulgarian DJ and Producer Diass started music early, at age 12, before rising up the bill at dancefloors across the world.

jean claude ades scorpios music label

Jean Claude Ades

Jean Claude Ades has been a fixture on the global scene for the past two decades, elevating international stages and high-profile residencies with his unique, signature take on electronic music.

valeron-scorpios music


A well-versed hand that has helped shape Mykonos’s electronic music scene, Valeron is one of the brightest, most recognised figures of the local music scene, known for weaving traditional Greek instrumentation with pulsating electronic rhythms.

holed coin scorpios music

Holed Coin

Interpreting ancestral, organic sounds with downtempto electronic and modern experimentation, Seville’s Holed Coin tells stories and unites dancefloors across the world.

ulises scorpios artist agency


Music’s journey is infinite. Berlin-based Argentinian DJ and multi-instrumentalist Ulises eagerly prolongs his own musical journey and invites us all along for the ride.

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