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Music’s journey is infinite. Berlin-based Argentinian DJ and multi-instrumentalist Ulises eagerly prolongs his own musical journey and invites us all along for the ride. Weaving cutting edge methodology with indigenous and traditional forms to craft new worlds he presents a vision of music that blends enigmatic elements with the science of sound. The results are mesmerizing — intimately familiar and marvelously strange, at once.

“As an architect is aware of space, void, light and darkness, so a musician is of time, notation, tone and silence.”


Releases of the Artist

Too Far, Mirage

Between traversing the global DJ circuit and long laser-focused studio sessions in his chosen home of Berlin, Ulises casts his eye to Earth itself as he scours for a metaphor for his own philosophical uncertainties. In Too Far, Mirage one finds music and lyrics wavering on the line between elucidation and ambiguity.

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Shapeshifting between funky, mysterious, pensive, and compelling, Abendrot is an assertion of personal eclecticism, a nod to the Argentine producer’s Berlin base, and Ulises’ second E.P. on Scorpios Music. Peppered with Latin-inspired percussion and ethereal synths, Abendrot is the soundtrack to an afterglow state — or a “farewell to the sun until the next dawn” as he puts it — spent wandering a phantasmagoric desert landscape embellished with the shapes and colors of a Dalí or Gaudí sketchbook.

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ulises ritual incognito

Ritual Incognito

The inaugural release under Scorpios Music, Ulises’ latest creation is a collaborative act that implicates Jo.Ke of Feathered Sun and César B. Abounding with subtle references to Zen Buddism, Sufi mysticism, European avant-garde and the magic realism of his native Argentina, Ritual Incognito manifests anything but monotony. It speaks to hypnotize you to the point you begin seeing, smelling, tasting it. In short, you live every vibe of it and in every sense.

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