Can you shed some light on the relationship between you all
The story of the band started back in 2016 when I was making my first album. I wanted to explore the potential interplay between traditional Greek instruments and elements of deep house. Through friends of friends, I met a handful of musicians who shared similar ideas. When we started performing live at Scorpios Mykonos in 2017, some kind of spark was ignited in me. It’s rare that you find a bunch of people who share a similar passion for something, who share a similar vision while each individually bringing ideas to the table.

Do you think that one’s mindset at a given time changes the way one perceives music?
Absolutely. From a listener’s perspective, one could argue that music is simply noise until heard, and then it transforms immediately and irreversibly into a soundtrack accompanying a moment, and whatever happens in that moment makes all the difference to how that music embeds itself in the memory. It can gently encourage one to make a certain decision, altering a life path, a purpose. Music has the ability to change everything in our lives. ■