Evolving Perspectives

Joseph Klibansky - Tree of Life

JUL 2024
5:00 pm -
00:00 am
Sunset Area
With reservation

On view between the 18th and the 21st of July, Joseph Klibansky's breathtaking installation, 'Tree of Life', features a large immersive digital sculpture and a collection of fine art prints with traits derived from real-life environmental data, including wind patterns, rainfall and oxygen levels embedded in the digital companions of each unique print. Combining visual art and environmental awareness, for every artwork sold, the partnering non-profit One Tree Planted will plant 10 physical trees in the Amazon. The project invites awareness around the transformative power of visual art. ‘Tree of Life’ will be on view from 8pm on the 18th of July and between 6pm to 12am daily until the 21st of July.

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