Scorpios Bodrum

Private Sessions

Experience the healing effects of breathwork, yoga activations, and various ancient and contemporary modalities in bespoke one-on-one sessions. Discover our resident wellbeing practitioners, available for individual and couple treatments.

Yeva Don

Yeva Don offers a personalized class based on the ancient Kundalini Yoga Technology. In this practice, various movement, pranayama breath-work and tantric meditation exercises are seamlessly combined to fit each individual's needs.

Available July 8-28


Private Journey with Nico & Rodo

This is a special journey inward. You will learn the three core pranayama adapted breath sequences, our signature breath and mind navigation system and experience hypoxia, or a safe, momentary elevation of CO2 in the body. During this practice, we will leverage sacred plant boosters to help guide you slowly and progressively into altered mental states, and potentially experience a natural bodily production of endogenous DMT. To reintegrate on energetic, sensory and subconscious levels, Alchemy incorporates live music resonance and structured movement at the end of every training or workshop.

Available July 2 — 7


DMT Water Navigation with Nico & Rodo

A limited capacity, in-person immersive experience where your body is guided beyond fear and into a deeper flow state in the water. This environment allows organs to relax from the pressure that gravity creates. It also facilitates moving away from anxiety and into calm awareness, as your autonomic nervous system switches from sympathetic to parasympathetic baseline. By understanding how to bend our minds safely, and master temporary bursts of hypoxia and hypercapnia, we slowly reach new levels of deep state connection. In so doing, we are invited to surrender our mind-body, learn how to let go, navigate potent endogenous neurotransmitters and alkaloids, and most importantly, re-integrate the entire experience through the capacity of our breath.

Available July 2 — 7


Yamila Morales

Join yoga practitioner Yamila Morales for a one-on-one class that focuses on awakening the body and mind with a fluid sequence of postures to stretch, relax or strengthen muscles. Yamila offers six bespoke yoga classes with varied elements from vinyasa, hatha, prenatal and more. 

Available June 17 — 1 July 


Sara Montes

From a power vinyasa practice, to an emotional healing journeyintegrating breathwork (pranayama & kryas) and guided meditation(vipassana, mindfulness, Jnana meditation), these sessions addressthe needs and preferences of each individual, combining the ancientwisdom of yoga and modern science.

Available July 29 – August 22


Ali Erbil Kartal

Meditation master Ali Erbil Kartal uses a wide range of techniques, frequencies and approaches to bring clarity to the mind, open portals of consciousness and instill moments of deep rest. Ali offers four distinct sessions for inner transformation, emotional release and body balance.

Available June 17 — July 30 


Mar Triveni

Reconnect with your pure essence and awaken your soul’s purpose, restoring balance within your energy centers. Guided by Mar Triveni’s expertise and years as a soul therapist, receive higher frequencies from your spirit guides, releaae past-life imprints and energetic blockages. Experience a deep sense of spiritual connection, alignment, and inner peace.

Available July 20–26

Muayad Najemeddin

Scorpios' resident wellbeing mentor Muayad Najemeddin lets you embark on an unparalleled journey of inner harmony through the healing power of aquatic and sound waves. The experienced practitioner is available for Watsu massage treatments as well as Transcedental Floation and Healing Touch Floation individual ceremonies.

Available July 1–30

Oceano Salvatore

Oceano Savlatore invites us to surrender and relearn trust with wataflow bodywork, mindfully combining movement and breath with water to induce calm and expand consciousness. His signature offerings such as Water Ceremony - Wataflow, Conscious Embodyment and Water Floatation Breathwork can be booked for one on one or couple sessions. 

Available July 26 — 28



Visionary sound alchemist Vylana heals the collective, with unique sound transmissions that border the ethereal. In the sacred shamanic practice Sonic Sanctuary, Vylana wields the ancient alchemy of sound, realigning the energy field to its divine intelligence.

Available June 14 — 17


Eva Kaczor

Worldwide leading breathwork expert and trainer Eva Kaczor brings a dynamic breathwork ritual designed for self exploration and discovering how to live your purpose. The founder of PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® is bringing the transofrmative medicine of breath to our temple, available for individual or private group sessions. 

Available June 17 — 18