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Music as a road trip for the soul. DJ and producer Aaroon possesses a worldliness that manifests itself in his music with emotional breadth and stylistic diversity. Intricately combining organic sounds, synthetic keys and tempered tonal shifts, his music takes listeners on a traverse to the majestic unknown. Expect psychedelic blends of house, traditional instrumentation, ambient introspection and most importantly, room-shaking rhythm.

“Music helps me dig deeper into my own soul and release emotional energy like never before.”


Releases of the Artist

Where the Earth Meets the Sky

Aaroon’s illustrious production career takes another step forward with Where The Earth Meets The Sky, his second release on Scorpios Music. An intricate combination of organic sounds and synth keys unlocks the door to another dimension, taking the listener on a whistle-stop tour of the post-industrial spaces of central Europe’s club scene to temporary jungle clearings and tropical beaches via the recesses of Aaroon’s own psyche. Despite shifting tempos and tones between tracks, the E.P. as a whole blends elements of Middle Eastern psychedelia with hallmarks of house, tempting the spiritually adventurous to skyward introspection.

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aaroon cry for kashmir scorpios music

Cry for Kashmir

Born in London, raised in Thailand, and now based in Berlin, Aaroon possesses a worldliness that inexorably manifests itself in his music by informing both emotional breadth and stylistic diversity. The DJ and producer’s E.P. Cry for Kashmir is simultaneously a statement on half-forgotten crises occurring around the world, an optimistic nudge towards global peace, and a testament to the power of art, created on the belief that music can physically affect anything from a human brain down to the structure of a snowflake. Feeling, technical dexterity, and raw emotional expression play out across the “little stories” of this release, as Aaroon puts it.

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