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Music as a road trip for the soul. DJ and producer Aaroon possesses a worldliness that manifests itself in his music with emotional breadth and stylistic diversity. Intricately combining organic sounds, synthetic keys and tempered tonal shifts, his music takes listeners on a traverse to the majestic unknown. Expect psychedelic blends of house, traditional instrumentation, ambient introspection and most importantly, room-shaking rhythm.

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“Music helps me dig deeper into my own soul and release emotional energy like never before.”


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Where the Earth Meets the Sky

Conceptually, Lannka’s Alhambra E.P. is an auditory transposition of the imagery of Spain’s Andalusia community and a self-assured stride on the pursuit of his own organic deep house aesthetic.

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aaroon cry for kashmir scorpios music

Cry for Kashmir

A collaborative release from Lannka and ARKADYAN, Quiero Vivir is a celebration of brass instruments such as trumpets, tubas, and saxophones, with electronic sounds and percussive embellishments from darbukas, djembes and congas.

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