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Bulgarian DJ and Producer Diass started music early, at age 12, before rising up the bill at dancefloors across the world. A proven talent behind the CDJs in notable clubs across Ibiza, London, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Cairo, Moscow and of course Bulgaria, Diass’s wide ranging sets surprise and delight audiences in equal measure. He is also a seasoned producer with three albums, including one under the world famous 303Lovers imprint.

Behind the Music: In Conversation with Diass

"Music is the greatest gift on Earth, along with art. I always choose songs based on energy and the feeling it leaves on the listener, it’s really visceral for me."

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Releases of the Artist


Conceptualized while dancing around a fire deep in the mountains of central Bulgaria, Moonshine is an ode to the storytelling abilities of nature and the heightened feelings and ruminations that the natural world can draw from us in ways that we can’t quite grasp. 

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Sonic Discoveries EP

The Sonic Discoveries EP brings together some of our favorite new artists and residents onto one record, one that takes listeners on a journey across different soundscapes, moods and tones, simultaneously transcendent and dancefloor friendly. Blending multi-lingual storytelling inspired by good vibe manifestations, pulsating percussion, ancient Arabic qanun melodies, earth inspired sounds and introspective atmospheres to encourage inner journeys, this is a record that celebrates the diversity of the Scorpios sound. 

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