Holed Coin

Interpreting ancestral, organic sounds with modern experimentation, Seville’s Holed Coin tells stories and unites dancefloors across the world. The brainchild of Jose Carlos Acal Blanco, Holed Coin also plays with additional live instrumentation from Antonio Malavé on guitar, Roberto Barroso on contrabass and María García on vocals, melding downtempo electronic with expressive flourishes, synths, drum machines and field recordings.

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The Ancient New

Expectations and preconceptions were all dashed into a haze the moment Holed Coin started working on The Ancient New — the band’s first E.P. on Scorpios Music — with total creative freedom for each musician being a leading principle in its production. While this posed a fun challenge, it also pushed the intrinsic value of self-expression to the forefront.

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