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Like shadows creeping across a forest floor. Hailing from Brazil’s vast Cerrado region and now based in Porto, Portugal, Kurup’s weighty, downtempo tracks sound inexorable, mysterious and strangely alive. As the Cerrado is home to the most biologically diverse tropical savannahs in the world, Kurup’s music reflects a living, breathing landscape. Low BPM but highly danceable electronic folklore with clicks, rustles, and rattles.

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“It’s really mysterious how sound waves affect us. What has kept me working with music all these years is the fact that I’ve never found anything quite as powerful.”


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Espelho Prata

A collaborative release from Lannka and ARKADYAN, Quiero Vivir is a celebration of brass instruments such as trumpets, tubas, and saxophones, with electronic sounds and percussive embellishments from darbukas, djembes and congas.

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