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Whether it’s from the buzz of acid house, the depths of disco or the bounce of funk, MoM draws on a huge array of genres and cultures to stir dancefloors into a frenzy. Well-traveled and versed in the arts of rhythm and style his sets take listeners on an auditory trip around-the-world and back to the dancefloor again. MoM also runs Home Agency, helping other artists book clubs across the globe.

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“Feeling good has always been and will always be inspiring. If that is caused by a taste or a smell, then let it be. Although maybe music will always have the most emotional charge…”


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mom anut charlie m esperanza


Conceptually, Lannka’s Alhambra E.P. is an auditory transposition of the imagery of Spain’s Andalusia community and a self-assured stride on the pursuit of his own organic deep house aesthetic.

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