About the Release

"Everything that surrounds us directly or indirectly affects what we do and who we are, whether as artists, musicians, producers or human beings.” Fluctuating in intensity through the thoughtful arrangement of melodic balafon flourishes, lyrics in both Spanish and Moroccan Arabic from Romana that dance between melancholy and love, and a plethora of organic percussion, the Alma Clara E.P. is a testament to the breadth of PAAX (Tulum)’s technical prowess and the worldly influences upon which they draw. Arpeggiated shakers, low toms, congas, bongos, and the occasional cowbell ensure that the dancefloor stays kinetic, while a more mellow undercurrent simultaneously makes for easy listening. A sense of place is simultaneously tangible and nebulous throughout the E.P., with a hotchpotch of seemingly disparate instruments sporadically finding themselves sonically aligned, meeting somewhere between Argentina, Mexico, and Mykonos, before falling back again into their own grooves at the beat of a drum.