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I love getting lost in the beautiful bays hidden around every corner. It gives me great pleasure to watch the sunset, while trying to follow the traces left by strangers on the warm, fire sand.

For me instant castles made of sand and footprints on the beach are what best reflect the pulse and energy of Bodrum.

About the Artist

Lal Batman

Lal Batman is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist based in Istanbul. She is drawn to what memories leave behind, as physical objects or ephemeral imprints. Her eclectic collection of images, photographs, sounds and video recordings forms the basis of her work, crafting new narratives and imaginative realities across various media. With a filmmaker-like methodology, she weaves intimate and vulnerable explorations of life, trauma, and the power of memories. Lal Batman’s eye-catching and bold compositions, be it sculptures, videos or paintings, captivate viewers, drawing them into her world of light and darkness.