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Born into music, Adassiya started singing the moment she could talk, releasing her first album as a vocalist at the precocious age of 14 and making waves across the French scene ever since. After working on film soundtracks and albums with big-name French artists, Adassiya switched lanes. She honed her craft as a producer and DJ and soon found herself playing gigs across Paris, Tulum, and beyond. Aptly titled Rebirth, her first E.P. as a producer marked a new chapter in Adassiya's musical career, while the 2023 Scorpios Music release Mektoub expanded her devoted fanbase much further afield.

As I was learning how to DJ, I was also on a journey of the self, asking myself questions about who I was.


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adassiya mektoub


“Every song either already exists in my head or comes out, as if by magic, during a directionless improv session.” Mektoub, meaning “destiny” in Arabic, reflects the swirls and eddies of life itself — its ups and downs and arounds, its beautiful love stories, breakups, and the everyday spiritual quests that almost go unnoticed.

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Scorpios Soundscapes

Scorpios Soundscapes is the first compilation vinyl from Scorpios Music, and a milestone for the label, with 12 tracks encapsulating the sound, and artists that have helped define the Mykonos experience. 

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