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Rey&Kjavik is the alias of Alexander Schomann, DJ and Producer from Offenbach, Germany. His musical home embeds itself to House and Electronic Music landscapes: Organic, Tech and Deep House. Equally at home in clubs from Watergate to Scorpios or festivals like Burning Man and Fusion, wherever Rey&Kjavik plays he offers a rousing, spiritual and high energy journey through musical spaces and places.

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“I love to create a certain vibe with the audience, which is based on a constant flow and different energy levels. It feels good to me seeing people getting lost with me in music.”


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A collaborative release from Lannka and ARKADYAN, Quiero Vivir is a celebration of brass instruments such as trumpets, tubas, and saxophones, with electronic sounds and percussive embellishments from darbukas, djembes and congas.

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