A well-versed hand that has helped shape Mykonos’s electronic music scene, Valeron is one of the brightest, most recognised figures of the local music scene, known for weaving traditional Greek instrumentation with pulsating electronic rhythms. A restless explorer of new sounds with a deft approach to production, Valeron can always be relied on to bring people together and imbue them with positive energy. Those who know, know.

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The album is a passionate ode to the musical heritage of the Cyclades from a personal perspective, which comes as no surprise to Valeron's admirers. “There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of music and the aroma of its soul. To inhale is to capture, to experience”.

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An innate tendency to inspire chemistry between virtuosos of ancient Greek folk instruments and a keen ear for making music with both the reveller and thinker in mind has ensured Valeron a beacon-like status on the Mykonos electronic music scene both as a DJ and producer.

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